Industrial Controls


Semi and fully automatic control of your process can be provided to your requirements. Arapahoe Controls has experience in a wide range of industries, from research to manufacturing. Control is handled by best suited hardware platform. Operator feedback can be accomplished via a whole host of solutions, from PC based graphical interfaces using complete HMI packages or Visual Basic, to simple operator interface panels. Data can be provided to management from the factory floor thru easy to use database applications.
Arapahoe Controls keeps current with the latest trends in automation.

PLC/HMI Hardware

Allen Bradley SLC 500, ControlLogix, DeviceNet, Ethernet I/P, PanelView, PanelView Plus
Automation Direct DL06, DL205, C-More, Productivity 2000, Productivity 3000
GE Fanuc 90-30, 90-70, Genius I/O, VersaMax, TCP Touchpanel
Idec FA-1J, FA-2, Micro 3C
Omron CJ

Other Hardware

DeviceNet/Ethernet I/P field devices
Variable Frequency Drives
Advantek Panel PC
Motion control: Animatics, Galil, Yamaha, Tol-O-Matic
National Instruments FieldPoint

Software Experience/Licenses

AB: RSLogix 500, RSLogix 5000, RSNetWorx, RSLinx, Factorytalk View
AD: DirectSOFT, CMore, Productivity Suite
CTC: Quickstep
3S Software GmbH: Codesys
GE: Logicmaster, VersaPro, Machine Edition, CimplicityHMI, Proficy iFix, Historian
Idec: WindLDR
Inductive Automation: Ignition
National Instruments: LabView
Omron: CX-Programmer
SoftwareToolbox: INGEAR ActiveX Controls, OPC Server
Autocad: Electrical
Solidworks: 3D
And so much more...